Hey guys,

Today’s post is about my views of a few of the products from the H&M Beauty range. Don’t let the word Beauty think this isn’t for guys, who cares, all skin needs some love! 

So besides the face masks, i purchased the ‘Medium Cream Wax’ as i will be needing a new hair styling product soon as mine has almost ran out! They do a nice range of different textured hair products which really surprised me.

If you don’t already know H&M launched their BEAUTY range last year in selected stores. It’s now rolled out to more stores as it’s been so popular. It caters for pretty much everything, hair, makeup, skin etc. All the products are really good quality. I’ve purchased some as gifts and my friends have been very impressed.

H&M have done face masks before but they were in big sachets rather than the little pots they’re in now.

It was a big and very successful launch as a lot of their older products were re-packaged and re-branded and it now feels like a complete concept and a complete concept with a lux feeling.

I work for H&M so i have used their old face masks before but the quality of the formula in the newly released products top those heavily. They feel richer and the ingredients are better and there is a lot more range for different skin types. 

The design of the packaging is really sleek and the size is really handy too. You can take these away when you’re travelling or store them away, they barely take up any room.

There is also a variety of different scents/exfoliating masks. I prefer the earthier smelling masks like the above mentioned. I do like to exfoliate so a mask that does this is more beneficial! You should exfoliate at least once a week to keep the skin looking brighter and younger. 

The amount of product is 10 ml which doesn’t sound like too much but it can last a few uses if you just use it on the T - zone and around your eyes. The product applies really smoothly and you can get a nice even layer.

I am all for these masks and i actually buy in bulk and keep a couple stored hah and they are only £1.99 which is a bargain!

The hair formula is pretty good too! I put product in my hair whilst damp and then blow dry and set with hairspray. But you can just use the product for re-workable hold and more of a natural vibe. It is definitely creamy and applies to the hair nicely.

I highly recommend these products and hopefully i can try more of the hair/body products soon.

Hope you found this useful!



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