Hey guys! 

You can see from the title that this post is all about an iconic style accessory. 

The Tie.

I’ve chosen a stand out piece and included how i would style the tie with an outfit.

I think it’s important to think about Re-invention. I’m taking a classic skinny tie and i’m bringing a modern edge to this look. When i wear an outfit i like to almost have a building block of print/plain, detailing etc so i applied that here.

I love the idea if a classic shirt and this black silk tie contrasting with the material of the Bomber Jacket, it gives a really cool vibe and isn’t too much, some bombers have way to many details on.

The trousers are a really cool print, you could use a floral print or a ditsy print trouser, but why not go bolder? prints have been a staple this year.

The shoes are just a really cool smart hi-top to bring the look together. 

Accessory wise, i’d style it with a cool bag. It doesn’t have to be print, i just chose this one as i loved the design. You could go simpler. There are loads of choices on www.farfetch.com

I also included some shades. I liked the gold detailing. On a recent trip to Rome i saw a lot of men rocking similar pairs to this!

But anyway, let’s wrap this up. It was really cool picking an outfit around a tie! and you can be really creative. I think this let me go in a different direction which im pretty happy with! IMHO anyway.

But you can find more Tips, Inspiration and How-To videos by clicking this LINK 

It’s really useful guide!

I hope you liked this post!

Cya soon,


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